RISE Innovation Mini-Grants


The RISE Mini-Grant Application is now closed.

Overview, Dates & Requirements:

RISE is funding two $5,000 Innovation Mini-Grants for faculty, staff, and learners at Michigan Medicine who are interested in promoting innovation in medical and/or graduate education with the potential to advance science, health, and healthcare delivery. Mini-grant recipients also receive coaching and participate in our newly designed development program to learn about innovation strategies, translational education and pedagogical principles. RISE focuses on educational practices and interventions that strive to improve health. The strategic priorities identified during the pilot phase of RISE include ideas that will address one or more of the following strategic priorities: 1. facilitate learner creativity and scientific problem-solving; 2. support transitions along the continuum (e.g., pre-candidate to candidate; medical school to residency, etc.) 3. coordinate learning systems and clinical/scientific data across the continuum 4. address key health issues currently facing society, such as:

  • Health care access (including costs, delivery, or disparities)
  • High-prevalence health conditions (including obesity, mental health, & chronic pain)
  • Preventative health care (including vaccinations & ecological issues)

As part of this funding, recipients will be required to complete an assessment of your innovation competency, participate in our monthly RISE community activities (approximately 2 hours/month October – June), participate in cohort sessions, and receive feedback on their innovation at an annual RISE Innovation Symposium. Recipients will also identify a mentor and other key individuals to be part of their innovation team. Individuals receiving mini-grant funds will participate in our monthly RISE Community Activities.