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“Education is the foundation of transformative health care and scientific discovery. RISE aspires to create a Michigan Medicine culture where bold, scalable education innovations impact health and science, and thrive through collaboration and access to a broad, diverse network of resources, expertise, and stakeholders. Empowered by this culture, all faculty, staff, and learners embrace curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, initiative, and intelligent risk-taking to support education experimentation and discovery.”

We are proud to share our 2019-20 annual report, which describes our first year’s efforts in building a community of practice and cultivating a culture of innovation in health sciences education. Our annual report outlines our initial steps in creating this strategic initiative and highlights our major achievements—which include defining and adopting health science education innovation competencies, recruiting our first cohorts of fellows and mini-grant recipients, connecting members of our community, and providing resources to foster education innovation at Michigan Medicine and beyond. The report also describes the novel Virtual Talking Circles that bring innovators together each month for creative dialogue that promotes experimentation and exposure to innovation strategies. We also outline plans for growth by highlighting a few of our next key initiatives, such as addressing system-level issues to accelerate education innovation at Michigan Medicine.

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RISE Virtual Talking Circle

RISE Virtual Talking Circle

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The focus of Research. Innovation. Scholarship. Education. (RISE) is to build the foundation for an innovation Community of Practice that engages in bold new translational educational practices for both physicians and scientists to improve learning and teaching for better health.

Our work aligns with the Education Pillar of the Medical School Strategic Plan, to cultivate a learning community that engages all in bold and innovative education for the advancement of science, health and health care delivery.

"Innovation requires a movement, a culture and a means. RISE will provide a platform for all three; connecting people with different perspectives, skills and ideas towards a new community of educational practice."

Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar, Executive Director, RISE

"A better healthcare system and the pipe-line for discovery is dependent on our ability to transform how we educate scientists and providers. Great research institutions such as ours must elevate the importance of innovation and avoid becoming confined by legacy and the ways of the past."

Joseph C. Kolars, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives
Josiah Macy, Jr., Professor of Health Professions Education
Professor of Internal Medicine

"I really appreciate your efforts to train education innovators and to promote a culture of innovation at our institution. As I was reflecting on the RISE session I wanted to let you know that I feel fortunate to be at an institution where this is happening. I found our first session engaging, fun and inspiring, and I look forward to future sessions. Thanks for your hard work on this and leading the charge!"

Daniel Cronin, MD

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

"RISE gives me space to be intentional and supported as I develop my ideas. This space is different from my day-to-day work, where I'm driven by deliverables and grant deadlines, and often, where true collaboration and risk-taking are luxuries."

Jenni Lane

"RISE has been an essential component in the development of this innovation, and so for that I'm so grateful for the mentorship and guidance you both have provided"

Emily Johnson