Health Science Education Innovation Culture


Health Science Education Innovation Culture

A health science education innovation (HSEI) culture cultivates creative teaching and learning ideas that improve health. Within this culture people are encouraged to demonstrate shared mindsets, values, and competencies that extend beyond the status quo. These behaviors create an environment that leverages organizational strengths to implement new ideas that translate into health outcomes.


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Evaluation of Our Education Innovation Culture

RISE aims to create a Michigan Medicine culture where bold, scalable education innovations impact health and science. As part of our continued efforts to achieve this mission, we launched our second biennial Health Sciences Education Innovation (HSEI) culture survey (January-April 2021) to all Michigan Medicine employees. The results from this survey provided important insights regarding the current HSEI culture and identified areas to further cultivate education innovation. The survey will be launched again in 2023.


In response to these results, we continue to deconstruct barriers to health science education innovation and inform aspiring innovators how and where to become involved. Specifically, we created the Innovation Lab and Virtual Talking Circles to create a space for innovators to come together to cultivate innovative ideas and engage with other innovators. Through Fellowships and Mini-Grants, we provide training, protected time, and project funding that encourage innovators to take risks and explore new ideas. We also continue to inform our community of innovators of activities, funding, and training opportunities that allow them to engage in education innovation and disseminate their ideas through our monthly newsletter.