We identified seven competencies essential to personal and professional development in health science education innovation (HSEI).  Our innovation competencies were determined thorough a review of the literature and refined in collaboration with our Advisory Council members. Below, we invite you to explore what these competencies mean, learn how to adopt them into your own HSE innovation development, and assess your progress in developing these competencies.

Creativity: generates ideas, alternatives, and possibilities to expand thinking beyond traditional rules and patterns

Critical Thinking: applies reasoned consideration to evidence, context, and methods to inform decision-making

Initiative: adopts a proactive approach for developing, assessing, and operationalizing ideas to foster positive change while remaining persistent in overcoming constraints

Intellectual Curiosity: asks thought-provoking questions to explore unknown aspects of an idea and challenge existing perspectives and explanations

Intelligent Risk-taking: weighs benefits and disadvantages of choices to assume calculated risks that yield important outcomes

Teamwork: collaborates with a broad network of individuals with diverse expertise and viewpoints to generate unique ideas and solutions

Visioning: develops a clear direction for the desired future state with sufficient detail to determine if it has been achieved