Health Sciences Education Innovation Guiding Framework

Health sciences education (HSE) innovation has the potential to translate a scalable education intervention into a simulated, applied, and/or real-world setting to transform existing science, health, and/or healthcare delivery.

We developed an HSE Innovation Framework based on existing literature and input from HSE faculty, staff, and learners to assess education innovation ideas.  The framework consists of three domains.



HSE innovation must aspire to translate findings into real outcomes.  This means transferring an educational intervention that improves knowledge, skills, and other attributes into an applied setting that can advance patient care or science practices and ultimately improve health or science outcomes.


As innovators, we often pilot our innovations locally, but we must consider how our innovations adopted by others to a single, multiple or national-wide organization (or even beyond).


HSE Innovation can lead to different degrees of change.  We must move beyond understanding innovation as a binary success/failure and towards understanding innovation on a continuum of adjustments, modifications, or transformations of a science, health, and/or healthcare delivery process.

To learn more about this framework, please read our Harvard Macy Institute’s Community Blog published in September 2020.