Mini-Grant Recipients

RISE mini-grants are awards of up to $5,000 for faculty, staff, and learners within Michigan Medicine who are interested in promoting innovation in medical and graduate education with the potential to advance science, health, and healthcare delivery.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Medical Student and Public Health Student

Ms. Emily Johnson is a University of Michigan Medical and MICHR Graduate Student.  As a RISE Mini-Grant Recipient, Ms. Johnson will address a key health issue in society by developing a curriculum for future health care providers at the intersection of health, clinical practice, sustainability and climate change.

To learn more about Emily’s work, please check our her blog post on University of Michigan Medical School Dose of Reality.

Jenni Lane

Jenni Lane

Program Manager, Adolescent Health Initiative

Ms. Jenni Lane is a Senior Program Manager for the Adolescent Health Initiative at Michigan Medicine.  As a RISE Mini-Grant Recipient, Ms. Lane will develop an educational model that translates research intro practice to improve provider practices for delivering confidential risk screening to adolescent patients.

"Innovation requires a movement, a culture and a means. RISE will provide a platform for all three; connecting people with different perspectives, skills and ideas towards a new community of educational practice."

Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar, Executive Director, RISE

"I often think about who will lead the next big breakthrough, and what innovations will further distinguish our Medical School as a world leader in education, research and clinical care. The answer could very well be you — our talented faculty, staff and learners."

Carol R. Bradford, MD, Executive Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

"A better healthcare system and the pipe-line for discovery is dependent on our ability to transform how we educate scientists and providers. Great research institutions such as ours must elevate the importance of innovation and avoid becoming confined by legacy and the ways of the past."

Joseph C. Kolars, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives
Josiah Macy, Jr., Professor of Health Professions Education
Professor of Internal Medicine

"RISE gives me space to be intentional and supported as I develop my ideas. This space is different from my day-to-day work, where I'm driven by deliverables and grant deadlines, and often, where true collaboration and risk-taking are luxuries."

Jenni Lane