RISE Fellowship Application

Overview, Dates & Requirements

RISE is sponsoring an 18-month Fellowship to develop and implement novel ideas in health sciences education and develop individuals as innovators. All Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, and learners are eligible to apply if they are able to modify their position/program requirements to accommodate the 25% reduction in their employment or education responsibilities required to participate as a RISE Fellow. It is the RISE Fellowship applicant’s responsibility to negotiate and secure this approval from their supervisor prior to submitting their application. Documented support from appropriate oversight for the 25% reduction in other responsibilities is required at the time of application (see below for details).

Education Innovation:  RISE invites health sciences education innovation ideas that have the potential to advance science, health, and/or healthcare delivery. RISE is interested in supporting innovative ideas in education that have the potential to transform the way we learn and train. Our priorities include, but are not limited to, ideas that will:

RISE encourages practices and interventions that adopt translational health sciences education principles, which means (T1) exploring an educational intervention within an experimental setting to improve knowledge, skills, and other attributes; (T2) transferring the educational intervention into an applied setting to advance patient care or science practices; and (T3) improving applied health or science outcomes.  Each applicant should submit a description of an education innovation that will address an existing major health problem. Fellows will be expected to develop and implement their education idea, with the support of RISE and other teams as needed.

Support: Fellows will receive 0.25 FTE (or the equivalent for the required 25% reduction in other responsibilities for staff and learners, in order to accommodate the effort required for this fellowship) for 18 months and a maximum award of $7,500 to assist in the progression of their education innovation. As part of the protected 25% effort, approximately 6-8 hours per month will be expected for direct participation in activities such as coaching, meetings, and the monthly RISE Innovation Lab. Fellows will identify a mentor and other key individuals to be part of their innovation team.  Fellows will also participate in our RISE Innovation Lab to learn about innovation strategies, translational education, and pedagogical principles.

How to Apply:

As part of the application process, you will be asked to upload the following documents.

  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  2. A brief proposal on your proposed education innovation that details: (4-page limit)
    1. What existing major health problem/education problem or need will you address?
    2. How will your education innovation address this problem/need?
    3. What potential barriers and challenges do you anticipate experiencing?
    4. What is the intended impact of your education innovation (e.g. what changes do you expect and recipients do you intend to reach)?
    5. What personal skills or attributes do you want to develop as part of this Fellowship that are relevant to your idea?
    6. Who will you recruit to join your team? (NOTE: If the applicant is not a learner, it is strongly recommended that the team include a learner.)
  3. An itemized budget that details how you propose to use the proposed innovation funds (up to $7,500)

A letter of support from your supervisor, director, division or department chair, addressed to Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar (executive director, RISE), that addresses their support for your participation in the Fellowship. This letter must include: 1) an explicit agreement to accommodate the 25% reduction in employment or education responsibilities required to participate as a RISE Fellow and, 2) a statement regarding the alignment of the RISE initiative with the applicant’s career/educational development.

These FAQs provide additional clarifying information.  Please contact michmedrise@umich.edu with questions.

Important Dates:
Fellowship Brainstorming Session: January 8, 2020, 4:00-5:00 pm, Presentation available here
Application Submission Deadline: March 7, 2020 at 4:00 am
Applicant Inquiries: April 29, 2020, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Notification of Decision: mid-May/early June 2020
Fellowship Period: October 2020- March 2022


The RISE Fellowship Application is now closed.