UPDATE: Deadline for submissions has been extended to May 4 at 8 a.m.

To help address the educational challenges brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, RISE (Research. Innovation. Scholarship. Education) is awarding $2,000 Education Innovation Mini-Grants for faculty, staff, and learners at Michigan Medicine. Applicants are welcome to collaborate with individuals, including those from other University of Michigan health professional education schools, to develop creative ideas and meaningful alternatives to traditional health sciences education.

Specifically, these mini-grants are available to:
(1) stimulate new education innovations, including interventions, modalities, and content as a result of COVID-19; and/or
(2) support rapid implementation of new education activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications must include at least one of the following Michigan Medicine groups: medical student education, graduate student education, resident/fellow education, or continuing medical education.

NOTE: the innovation does not need to address the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather should address an issue brought about because of the impact of this pandemic on health sciences education at Michigan Medicine.

Please submit a proposal (3-page limit) describing your education innovation. The description should include:
– the problem/need to address – the targeted level(s) of learners
– the proposed impact on health sciences education – projected timeline (up to 6 months: June 1 – December 1, 2020) 
– brief budget outline (1/2-page limit) summarizing how they propose to use the funds (up to $2,000)

Applications should be sent via email to no later than 8 a.m. on May 4, 2020. Recipients will receive notification of their award by mid-May and funding will be available on June 1. Contact with questions.