Translational Education

Using Translational Education to Drive Innovation

Society continues to face major health challenges that require innovation rather than improvement.  Innovation in health science will be fueled by translating education in better health and science outcomes.

Translating biomedical research into practice is critical for improving health as it (T1) applies knowledge from basic to clinical research to (T2) enhance adoption of best practices in clinical settings, in order to (T3) improve health. Similarly, education has the potential to improve patient care and clinical discoveries by (T1) exploring an educational intervention within an experimental setting to improve knowledge, skills, and other attributes; (T2) transferring the educational intervention into an applied setting to advance patient care or science practices; and (T3) improving applied health or science outcomes.

"Innovation requires a movement, a culture and a means. RISE will provide a platform for all three; connecting people with different perspectives, skills and ideas towards a new community of educational practice."

Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar, Executive Director, RISE

"I often think about who will lead the next big breakthrough, and what innovations will further distinguish our Medical School as a world leader in education, research and clinical care. The answer could very well be you — our talented faculty, staff and learners."

Carol R. Bradford, MD, Executive Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

"A better healthcare system and the pipe-line for discovery is dependent on our ability to transform how we educate scientists and providers. Great research institutions such as ours must elevate the importance of innovation and avoid becoming confined by legacy and the ways of the past."

Joseph C. Kolars, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives
Josiah Macy, Jr., Professor of Health Professions Education
Professor of Internal Medicine

"RISE gives me space to be intentional and supported as I develop my ideas. This space is different from my day-to-day work, where I'm driven by deliverables and grant deadlines, and often, where true collaboration and risk-taking are luxuries."

Jenni Lane